WHMCS v6 big update

WHMCS is currently most popular web host billing and managment platform for Cpanel. And we are proud to announce that they just released the new version of platform ver 6.0. This version is focused on increasing connection between whmcs and cpanel.

WHMCS connect

WHMCS connect is providing one central interface for managing and administrating all your Cpanel and WHM servers. WHCMS connect is enabling you to quickly access your WHM and Cpanel through WHMCS with single Sign On and making any change that you want without need to even relog.

Also one of the better features in WHMCS connect is that you don’t have to worry about Cpanel/WHM passwords for your staffs because those passwords are stored in centralized WHCMS password and there are no need to share them.

 Front end user features

This version is not focused on improving experience for only administrating staffs. There is a big update to user experience. By utilizing single sign in technology associated with WHMCS connect users can manage most of their account settings (that you would ordinary manage by cpanel) by using your whmcs portal. One of the main benefit of this options is that it will drastically increase number of clients that are visiting your site and improving your brand presentation to them because there won’t be need to login to cpanel each time. Everything can be done through client portal.


What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is most popular web hosting billing and management platform for Cpanel web hosting. It give you possibility to totally automate whole process of ordering and setting your clients account by merging WHM and Cpanel with WHMCS. It really save you time and money. One of the great thing in WHMCS is their big community of active developers that are releasing wide array of mods, templates etc and their support is also great.