Washington! Are you ready for self driven cars?

Self Driven Cars

Self Driven Cars

The future is bright, the future is automatic and the future is virtual reality. This is what we have heard when people talk about future. But I would like to add one more to this list, which is: the future is self-driven. Yes, I am talking about Google’s Self Driven cars. Most of us know that Google has been working on this project and will soon be a reality.

The timeline

Google started to work on this project from 2009.They included people who had already dedicated years on this technology. The idea about self-driven cars has its roots long back. In 1939, New York World’s Fair presented a vision of automated highways to the visitors. Then in the mid-2000s, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which is known as DARPA organized challenges where the teams had to compete using self-driven vehicles.

How does it work and how will it help?

Google self-driven car just works like normal cars, but the only difference is that it is guided by a smart system. The cars have been taught to navigate through streets also. These cars use sensors and software to detect objects. These objects can be pedestrians, bikes, cyclists or other cars around. Sensing all such objects, Self-driven cars can drive taking care of all such objects.

Suppose, Google’s self-driven car is driving you right now. There will be some basic input which the car requires, which is:

Where am I?

The car is constantly processing the map. Not only this, it also has sensor information to know its location. So it may be possible that you may not know the lane/street/area on which you are, but your car would surely know it.

What all is around me?

Google’s Self Driven Car uses powerful sensors, which can easily detect objects around it. Objects are further classified based on their size, shape and movement pattern. So, a cyclist and a pedestrian are identified as well as classified as two different types of objects.

What next?

We all say that driving improves with good judgement. Good judgement only comes with experience. Now this car is also good at judgement! The software can predict what will be the next move of objects around the car. Will the cyclist stop or move, will the pedestrian walk or wait for you to pass? Well, software is capable of judging this.

What should I do?

After it has judged, the software then chooses a safe speed. Not only safe speed, the software also chooses its trajectory. So the car will keep a good distance from the cyclist and will slow down if the pedestrian is crossing the street.


So this is how Google’s Self Driven Cars are working. These cars will be helpful, will save time, will encourage safe driving and will reduce the number of accidents to a greater extent. Google self-driven cars have already been tested by driving over 1.4 million miles on public roads. Now it turns to Washington.

So let us hope that we will soon be able to sit in our self-driven cars and enjoying the view around rather than worrying about our driving skills!

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