Updating OpenVz VPS Node

Attention BlueAngelHost VPS Customers!

I am happy to announce that clients with a VPS in our Russian location will be migrated over to better hardware. Every single piece of hardware is being replaced because we want to provide our clients with the best. Kindly Note that we are moving to new location from Russia to netherlands.

Our brand new Intel Server-Grade hardware features the following specifications:

CPU: 2х Intel Xeon E5645 2.40GHz (2×6 Cores, HT)

Ram: 32GB DDR3

HDD: 4x500GB SATA2, Software Raid10

BandWidth: unmetered 100Mbps link

I am beginning the migration process on Friday morning 20/9/13. As I am moving every container one by one and there are multiple nodes in Russia, please understand the migration process may take a little over a few days to complete. Most importantly I want to emphasize that since an exact image of your VPS is being moved, you will not lose your data. As I move the containers I will email everyone 1 by 1 with your new VPS IP address. Anyone who doesn’t care about the data on your VPS, Please make a support ticket. We can instantly spawn you a new VPS instantly without needing to wait for the migrations to finish.

Thank you for your cooperation and I know you will enjoy the better performance and services our new Netherlands Location.





Sunil Shahzad (CEO)