No more IPv4 address available

ARIN announced that there are no free IPv4s address and that people who need them will must get them from a free market. Today IPv4 is the most important thing on Internet that is powering internet itself. As engineers say new standard IPv6 will not go full live for at least 5 more years(possible longer). This announcement from ARIN will have drastic impact on modern internet. When IPv4 was invented engineers didn’t think that 4.3 billion IP address that IPv4 provided will be ever used. That was a risky choice because now we are in situation that there’s no more address and we will must do something on that topic. ARIN is now trying to return unused IP address and assign them where they are needed. They are doing that job great (retransferring 1.1 million IP address per month) but problem is that internet will need at least 60 million more IPv4 address before the replacement IPv6 is fully ready to overtake that. It will be really hard to find out 60 millions free IP address. 60 millions sound like small number if we compare that to global number of IP address, it only represent roughly 1.2 % of total number. Few millions domain per month is not enough. IPv4 will probably we switched from free to pay method if we consider that you could find them on some markets that will set price according to bigger and bigger needs for this essential internet product. When IPv4 is released it was never intended to sell IP address but Internet is growing rapidly and everything is happening. Last prices were about 8,9$ per IP range but that price is not stable and it will grow for sure. Each day count, it’s like open market with millions of users trying to make additional income. And eventually it will all be sold out and what then? At last HostingCon people suggested that price will go up to 26.22$ in few next years but it’s not sure because it will keep growing depending on how desperately people will need it. By the end of this year it’s estimated that internet will need to find 6.6 millions IP’s and no one could now how much will it be… But cheers up it’s not end of the world if there are no more IPv4 address available , community will eventually come with some solutions like always.