ICANN ruining business owners privacy

One of the biggest problem on the internet is to save safe and to protect your personal details from millions of internet users. In that large pool of users there will always be someone who will try to harm you, especially if you are successful business person. “Thank’s” to ICANN new brilliant policy idea every Business owner on the world will have it’s company details exposed on the world. In their latest report: http://gnso.icann.org/en/issues/raa/ppsai-initial-05may15-en.pdf they tell that they will forbid the use of WHOIS protection for all business owners. It’s not problem for some grocery store and fast foods that you can publicly see on the street but what if you are successful freelancer or you are running home based business?  Would you really like to expose your details like your (address name etc).

What is whois?

Whois (who + is) web domain details search service where you can find everything about domain owner. Until now you can hide it by using whois protection addons on almost every domain provider but if this policy go live business owner will be unable to do that.

What can you do to prevent this?

Currently nothing but on  https://www.respectourprivacy.com/ you can find out more about this policy update and contact ICANN to show your “protest”

Policy impact on internet?

For last few years internet is becoming really nasty place because everyone can find everything about anyone and it’s really lack of privacy protection. WHOIS privacy was one of the latest ways to hide your details from internet but if this policy go live this will have big impact on privacy globally. I really hope that this policy update will be prevented, else goodbye privacy.

Stay tuned for more information on this topic.