Google’s algorithm update

Google’s algorithm update

Google prepares for his “most important mobile algorithm to date April 21″ that will to expand its use of mobile usability as a ranking signal, according to report of Search Engine Land.

The algorithm can impacts more pages than Panda or Penguin and, despite the fact that the results of research will impact just on smartphones.

The importance of mobile web environment sites is not a new concept for most web servers or online business, but research shows proliferation of mobile devices to access the Internet. A recent Pew Research found that smartphone dependence grows seven percent of Americans rely solely on your phone for Internet access. In addition, about half of Google searches are allegedly mobile devices.

Google helps prove how their sites are friendly to mobile devices via their mobile test page Friendly Company. The test takes only a few minutes.

Users can also manually test the friendliness of mobile search sites using a mobile device. The website needs to make a name for “mobile”. Finally, the user can “make recommendations to improve mobile application” with your mobile website usability report Google, racing to find all says Search Engine Land.