Facebook given 3 months to stop tracking users


Protect Your Privacy

Everybody knows and loves Facebook. A school going kid to a grandpa, everybody in knows it. Facebook has the maximum number of users from Canada. But this does not mean that other countries are lagging behind. More than 30 million people use Facebook in France. The data protection authority in France has ordered Facebook to stop tracking web users who are not using Facebook or are not active on social media.

What is the matter?

The Commission Nationale de I’informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) says that Facebook has been tracking browsing activity of users. How do they do it? Facebook tracks the browsing activity of publicly view able pages from the site, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. Not only this, but it also sets cookies which relay further information when these users visit other sites which are using Facebook features like their plugins. Plugins include buttons for liking and sharing.

Sexual orientation, as well as religious and political views regarding some organization or religion, was also being stored by Facebook. All this was being done without the users consent. CNIL also stated that Facebook was violating user rights to privacy. Facebook complied information on the user habits for specific and customized target advertising.

There are also talks regarding Facebook sending personal user data details to the US on the basis of now-defunct Safe-Harbor pact which allows American firms to store user data. According to this pact, American firms can store user data from users in Europe. There is a new agreement between the European Union and the US which is known as Privacy Shield. It is not yet in action but will be on soon.

What Facebook has to say?

Sally Aldous is the spokeswoman for Facebook. She indicates that Facebook has always strives for the privacy of people, no matter what they do. Currently, Facebook seems to confidently believe that they are complying with the European Data Protection Law. Facebook is looking forward to engaging with the CNIL to sort of the matter.

Has Facebook faced such issues before?

Facebook has previously faced such issues with Belgium. The issue was similar to this one and the court in Belgium had issued Facebook an ultimatum. The ultimatum for Facebook was to stop tracking the users who are not signed and if they don’t stop it, then they risk a fine of 250,000 Euros for every single day that they violated these rules.

So this is not the first time that Facebook has faced such a situation. And they seems to be used to it!


The news seems to be rather shocking for many people who do use Facebook and have been trusting Facebook since a long time. On the other way, people should understand that social media itself is social. Your personal data can be used or can be hacked. The only way to protect your personal data is to stop putting it online. You should avoid posting personal data like credit card details, home address, revealing pictures and videos.etc. Social media is good to connect with your friends and family but you should know how to use it wisely.

So be wise, be happy and protect your privacy.

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