An Artificial Star Thrice Hotter Than the Sun!


We always say that God created this world. If that’s true, then one of the most amazing, awesome or fantabulous creation of God is the Sun. But what if someone tells you that humans are creating an artificial star which is thrice hotter than the Sun? Ultimately, Sun is a star too! Now if this happens, then it’s just something known as magic.

Who is creating the artificial Sun?

A country whose products which are everywhere, the masters of prototyping and manufacturing, yes I am talking about China. Scientists in China are creating an artificial sun. They are creating it using nuclear fusion.  This may provide us with unlimited energy, which will be clean and pure. We will not be depending upon fossil fuels anymore if this happens.

So what is nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion means when two or more than two nuclei come close. Once they come close, they collide at a very high speed and form a nucleus. The Chinese experts have successfully produced hydrogen gas which is actually thrice hotter than the core of the Sun. More important is that the scientists’ were also able to maintain the temperature -50 million degrees Celsius for 102 seconds.

Which countries are active in such experiments?

Germany has always had a good interest in such experiments and has always been ahead when it comes to nuclear fusion. German physicists used 2 megawatts f microwave radiation to heat hydrogen gas. But they could only maintain it for a fraction of a second. They were able to heat hydrogen gas to 80 million degree Celsius.

The reactor in China is officially known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (East). Chinese physicists were to heat hydrogen gas up till 50 million Kelvins. This is almost equal to a medium thermonuclear explosion.

The main achievement

The main achievement is that the Chinese physicists were able to maintain the temperature for more than a minute. Now this indicates that they are on the right track and are near to the artificial sun. The experiment was conducted in a doughnut-shaped chamber and magnetic field was used to maintain the temperature for as much time as it could be possible.


Benefits of this achievement can be countless. If Chinese Physicists are able to achieve success in this project, then it will just lead to a remarkable and useful achievement. They will be finding an alternative to the Sun. So there will be no dependency on natural resources which are currently being exploited by every one of us.


Innovations have given everything, from electricity to cell phones. Innovation has always proved itself worth. The only thing to worry about is how this will affect the nature. For example cars, they are helping us a lot but are the main source of air pollution. Most of our innovations have done good to us but bad for nature. So let us hope that this innovation will lead to a prosperous and a happy future, for humans as well as Mother Nature.

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